Where a specialist contractor is required, we act as the principal contractor for the client, and can manage the project from start to finish, complying with all Health & Safety and CDM regulations.

Case Study

BirminghamCOVID-19 Modifications

  • Client Name:  Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust
  • Contract Admin:  Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust
  • Design Team:  Building Services NOW
  • Form of Contract:  JCT Minor Works
  • Completion Date:  April 2020
  • Programme Duration:  7 Days

Product Overview

Our experience of working with clinical staff and understanding their needs has seen us specify,cost, manufacture and install works within a seven day turnaround period. Solutions have ranged from sub-diving wards into individual bays to provide negative pressure testing areas.We specialise in providing bespoke solutions which are flexible in design. We ensure that the NHS staff have safe and hygienic environments to work from. Pre-finished modular sections,complete with pocket doors makes the job quick,efficient and with minimal impact leaving our NHS heroes free to do there valued work. Some of our recent installations have seen us complete construction works within a seven-day turnaround period, from the initial site visit to completion of works.